#102A5 Frederick Rebaschus, born 8 January 1846, Labowischken, East Prussia, Prussia. He was baptized at the Luthern church in Ballethen. He learned the carpenter trade as a young lad. Served two years in the war between Prussia and Austria. He was also in the Franco-German War of 1870-1871. Translated, his identification papers read as follows: (note that his name is spelled Rabaschus. "Identification Papers of the engineer Friedrich Rabaschus. Born on the 8th of January 1846 at Labowischken, district of Darkehmen. Height: ?; Religion: Evangelical; Profession or trade:carpenter. Right of domicile in Labowischken, district of Darkehmen. Entered into the standing army (of Prussia) on the 16th of October 1865 as a recruit. Recruited in the district of Lotzen; . . . Entered into service with the 3rd Company East Prussian Engineers (Battalion No 1?) Transfers: On the 23rd of September '66 to the 1st Engineers Company 1st Army Reserve Corps. On 5 November '66 to the Engineers Battallion No 11. No 50 on the roll. Discharged to the first army reserve on the 31st of July 1867. Transfer, if he is not called to serve beforehand, over to the Reserves on the 16th of October 1868 in consequence of the fulfillment of his military service. . . Belongs to the 2nd shooting class. Has marksman's badge for (none) Has badge of an order and badge of honor: Memento cross of 1866 Koniggratz.

Notes: F. Rabaschus. Participated in the skirmishes at Trautenau and Tobetschau, and the Battle of Konniggratz in 1866. The same has to return: 1 field-service cap, 1 pair of trousers, 1 tunic, 1 shirt, 1 pair of boots, 1 scarf. Issued at Mainz the 21st of July 1867. Royal Command of the Engineers Batallion No 11.

Rabaschus made off to Lyck in the fall of 1867 without notice. Reported back on 27 March 1869 to Siewken. Angerburg. . ."

Fred made his way to America in 1872 and located near St. Sebald where he already had relatives living. On the 18th of December 1876, at St. Sebald, Clayton County, Iowa, he was united in marriage to Marie Aukshon Donath (b. 23 March 1846, Leputchen, East Prussia; died 6 May 1934, Strawberry Point, Clayton County, Iowa; married first to Gottfried Donath on 6 December 1869; daughter of Frederick Aukschun and Charlotte(Katherine?) Hoffman). Marie had three children from her previous marriage to Gottfried Donath:

I. Edward Frederich Samuel Donath, b. 12 Sept 1870, St. Sebald, Clayton Co., Ia.; married Maria Pauli Flieher on 5 May 1892; died 21 April 1957
II. (Augusta) Anna Henrietta Augusta Donath, b. 3 Feb 1872, St. Sebald, Clayton Co., Ia.; married Christian Gottlob Fliehler on 4 September 1895; died 15 September 1966
III. (John) Frank Johann Donath, b. 27 Nov 1873, St. Sebald, Clayton County, Iowa

Fred Rebaschus filed application to become a citizen of the United States at the age of 30. On the 9th day of July 1877, a Guardian's deed was signed giving Maria Rebaschus $1428.57 for a deed of property to her husband, Fred. She was of course, guardian of Edward, Augusta and John Donath and this money was to be used for their benefit.

One of the items of Fred's that has survived the years is that of his old safe! It was extremely heavy so that no crook would easily take off with it. The safe was sold at his granddaughter's sale, Delia Rebaschus Schofield in 1983.

Fred died 23 March 1921 at Strawberry Point, Iowa, with burial in the town cemetery. Now his wife, Marie, lived several more years and died the 6th of May 1934. A will was understood to exist for Marie but could not be discovered, so her Estate was administered upon as intestate. She left three tracts of land; her personal property was duly appraised at $4,776.22; that her household furniture and personal effects were distributed in kind. She also had a Certificate of Deposition at Union Bank & Trust Co., Strawberry Point, in the amount of $2,576.22. She also had a note and mortgage from J.A. Huebsch and wife for $1,500.00. That during Marie's lifetime, she made advancements of $500.00 each to the children by her first marriage and they gave their receipts relinquishing all their rights to a share of her Estate.

Marie also made distribution to her children from Fred Rebaschus, but they were all in unequal amounts. But after their cash advancements, her children ended up receiving the following amounts: Fred Rebaschus, Jr., $1,019.13; Tillie Allen, $664.14; Carl Rebaschus, $569.60; Ida E. Bowman Estate, $839.14; Emil Rebaschus, $911.64.