#102A4 Henriette Rebaschus, born 1840 in Germany. She was first married to a Mr. Grossman but that marriage ended in divorce (the only one in our family recorded in Germany). She came to America and was married to George Renkert of Volga City on the 18 February 1886. George was at that time 51 years of age; widow. Witnesses at the wedding were Frederick Rebaschus and Maria. Rev. Fuehr performed the marriage ceremony!

But her marriage was to be of short duration for she died 30 December 1886. Concerning her death, Irma Pfrommer of Strawberry Point, Iowa, wrote 22 July 1976: "Frieda Lincoln gave me the information about her Aunt Henrietta when she was here the last time (1971 I, believe) as we went to St. Sebald Cemetery and found the unmarked grave of Henrietta Rinkert or Renkert and it was on the Leipelt lot where 2 young sisters of Freida's are buried . . Anyway when she told me of her aunt's death (Henrietta) she had no good words for George (Rinkert) Renkert as the family felt she was abused and that she died mysteriously, but no inquest was held and I'm certain she said he remarried and lived near Volga City and that there are people of that name at Volga to this day."

Lillian Wappler of Tomah, Wisconsin, wrote December 28, 1976: "Henrietta Rinkert, a sister of hers, came over from Germany, had a divorce over there and married an older man here. They wasn't married too long and she died young. . . My Aunt Frieda said my grandmother said he poisoned her. She and grandpa was to visit the sister and she was baking bread that day and that night her husband came about midnight and said she died. She was all puffed up. I guess she told him that and he said she could hire someone to prove it. Of course, she had no money for that. Now days it would be different."

Unfortunately, we will never know if George Renkert poisoned his wife of only 11 months' duration. The Elkader paper recorded: "On the morning of Dec. 30th, at half past two o'clock, occurred the death of Mrs. George Renkert, of heart disease. She awakened her husband and asked for a drink of water which he got for her, when he noticed that she was in great distress. He went to his nearest neighbor for help, sent for the doctor, who found her dead on his arrival. They were married about eleven months ago. She was 46 years of age. The funeral took place New Year's Day. She was buried in the Cemetery at St. Sebald, Sperry Twp." In the same paper: "George Renkert is moving into his house, lately vacated by Aut. Compbell. George is fitting it up with new furniture. We are glad to have him back as a neighbor."