Dear Family and Friends:


January 22, 1996

My name is Randy Weger. I am writing this letter on behalf of my father and my brother and sisters. Sadly, I must tell you that my brother, William G. Weger, passed away. Forgive me for taking this long to tell you. It took a lot of time to research the names and addresses of everyone Bill corresponded with and to determine who has heard the news. My apologies if you already know, but I didn't want to miss anyone.

On Friday, October 27, Bill left work early to visit his doctor as he wasn't feeling well. The doctor admitted him to the Ottumwa hospital, where he would spend one night. They ran some tests, suspecting he may have leukemia. He was transferred to Iowa City the next day, where they would confirm that he had leukemia and would have to break the agonizing news to Bill. Chemotherapy treatments began the following Monday evening, less than 48 hours after the diagnosis. After the first round of treatment, the leukemia refused to go into remission, requiring yet another round of chemotherapy. We were relieved to receive the news that the chemotherapy was successful this time, sending the leukemia into remission. The awful treatments, however, were very hard on Bill. He became violently ill and had lost a lot a weight. Bill could not eat and had to be fed through an IV, only making him weaker, and compounding his deteriorating health. Even though the cancer was in remission, his health continued to worsen the last month--new complications were constantly arising. Bill lost the fight on Christmas Eve at approximately 6:00 pm at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City, Iowa.

I truly regret having to send you this sad news in the form of a letter, but we wanted to let everyone know as soon as possible. Bill had a lot of close family members and friends and will be greatly missed.




Randy Weger