#102A1 Wilhelmina (Minnie) Rebaschus, b. 1832. It is assumed that she was born in Labowischken, East Prussia, Germany.

She was united in marriage to Johann Riemath. It is reported by Fred Bentler that his name was Johann "von" Riemath; that he was from the upper class of Germans but because he married the milk maid, his family disowned him. It is for this reason that perhaps he was not "handy" and was killed in a saw mill accident about 1880!

Wilhelmina and John Riemath were the parents of 9 children:

*#102A1a I. August Karl Riemath, b. 5 Sept 1851
*#102A1b II. William Riemath, b. 4 April 1853
*#102A1c III. Augusta Riemath, b. 30 October 1858
*#102A1d IV. Theresa M. Riemath, b. June 1859
*#102A1e V. Caroline Riemath, b. 17 May 1861
*#102A1f VI. Johann Riemath, b. 1863
*#102A1g VII. Carl Riemath, b. 1873
*#102A1h VIII. Anna Riemath, b. 1874
*#102A1i IX. Helene Riemath, b. 1880

Wilhelmine's oldest son, perhaps in company with William, came to America in 1881, perhaps also with their sister, Auguste. In any event, three of their children were in America when Wilhelmina and her second husband, Ernest Horn, decided to bring the rest of their family to America. So in January of 1883, Wilhelmina, her second husband, Ernest Horn and four of her children; namely, John, Carl, Anna and Helene, set sail for America. (In the passenger lists, Ernest Horn's age is given as 38; Wilhelmina's as 50; and indicated they were living at Prenzlau). Two of the children, Caroline and Theresa, were left in Germany. Caroline's obituary stated the reason she stayed in Germany was to care for an ill sister. However, the real reason is reported to be that one of the sisters found some valuable jewelry and the police made them stay so that they could be questioned! That perhaps was the luckiest event in their lives or else they would have also set sail on the ill-fated ship.


And so Wilhelmina Rebaschus Riemath Horn and her family were drowned with many others! There was an international investigation because the English ship did not stay and help rescue the Germans! One can only imagine Wilhelmina trying to save hre two-year old daughter in such a short period of time!